Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wind Amulet

Hey jammers! Finally, the weekend, school just started, but I'm still not excited to be going again..
                                             Todays new item is the second part of the Wind Armor set, the Wind Amulet!
 Hmm... I think it reminds me of some kind of shell.. a snails shell, maybe. Anyway, when I went to this diamond shop thismorning to get the picture of the amulet, I found some group of white wolves/foxes, it was pretty weird..
I discovered something else today...The platypus on the picture isn't real! It could be like that on purpose, because when the platypus was discovered, scientists thought it was a hoax (a joke) of lots of parts of different animals stitched together, so maybe that's why it's like that, I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed! ^.^ Happy Jamming!


  1. So you know how there's a rumor for jumping on the bridge/ice? Well now there's a rumor of dancing on diamonds, while being white to get one... .-. I sort of think it's a little dumb. You can only get diamonds the right way...

  2. OMG WACKYWOLF!!! I JUST SAW SOMETHING THAT OMG'D THE CRUD OUT OF ME!!! Well, anyway, *Tells self to be cool* you know that stone animal that's wearing the Wind stuff in the Diamond Shop? IT'S A CHEETAH. I know, because it has a teardrop-shape curved line from it's eyes to the corner of it's mouth, and it's much more skinnier than the Snow Leopard! I think cheetahs are coming out! :O!!!!!!!!

  3. Darn I put incorrect punctuation! My bad!


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