Friday, 16 August 2013

Lantern, lions, and more!

Hey guys! Wacky can't post today, I don't think. :( Anyhoo, The new item today is the lantern! Pretty nice, and great for haunted houses, I would think! ^.^
So about the lions from the title...
For those members out there! Ever wondered how to get a slingshot? Well, I noticed a lion gate past the fox gate in the phantom portal adventure! I believe it's only in hard though. The treasure behind it is ALWAYS  a slingshot.
The more part from the title! For those nonmembers out there, ever wanted a giant plushie? Well, nonmember Kangaroo plushies are in the diamond shop!

Next other stuff! Epic plushies! Like my tiger one in HappyStorm's den, you can get them from trade! "But how did they first get here?"
 You may ask. Well, I can answer that! They come with a special code you can get with the sidekix plushies. I got one, and you can have a chance of getting a free one week membership! Isn't that great?

And one more thing! How to get plaques! How do I get a Howl plaque? Get your howl in Jammer Central! How do I get a AJHQ plaque? Send a real-life letter to AJHQ! (Click here for the link to their contact page.)  Artist plaque? Get your amazing art in the Jammer central Art, or on their blog! Contest Plaque? Win a contest! Video Plaque? Get a question answered by Brady Barr, or Tierney Thys! News Crew plaque? Get in the news crew! Online safety plaque? Complete the online Safety Quiz!

Hope my tips helped you! Thanks for reading!
Cookers113578, or HappyStorm.

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