Beware the scammers

there are lots of scammers around Jamaa, so you need to be aware here are some things scammers would say:

here are some scams, I know about them because I have seen them being done I dont scam.

try me/i never accept:
you might see some jammers around jamaa saying trade me i never acept, c,mon just try me. DONT DO THAT >:O!!!You think they wont accept so you will try to get them to, you will trade them maybe something like a fox hat for one of their pillows they will acept.Then you are left with a pillow just because they say that dosent mean its true!

send me...mine got scammed!:sometimes you see a jammer saying something like send me a fox hat/non member wings/glove/headdress mine got scammed!!! and all that stuff.Dont send them one they could be telling the truth and theirs could have gotten scammed but they still shouldnt be asking for one.

The colour of the glove:
sometimes jammers say come to my den change the colour of your glove or fox hat or something and you think "whats wrong with thta?" so you go to their den, there will be a pillow at the bottom right or something they will tell you to put your fox hat or glove on trade wear your fox hat and then click the pillow rapidly.The pillow will be where the "yes" button is when a trade comes up they will put up a lousy trade like a pillow for your fox hat and you will click "yes" without noticing.

The glitch scam:
ok, picture this you are a person that LOVES glitches and a person says "follow me to see a really cool glitch!!!" so you follow them(as you love glitches)then they say "ok, i need 2 worns, i promise il give them back when im done" so you send/trade them your worn there is no glitch.They will leave with your worn.
lion/snow leopard/arctic wolf code:
so picture this:you are a member but you have no gift card animals and you really want one, you see a jammer saying "come to my den and i will tell you the lion/snow leopard/arctic wolf code!!!!" so you go there then they say "ok send me rares the best rare gets the code" so you all compete to get the code you send the rares....they dont actually KNOW the code and t every code is unique once one is used it cant be used again they will leave with all their rares and leave you there. -.-

More coming soon...


  1. hey i just wanna say that i got scammed once and it was not fun. i almost cried because i am a 9 yr old girl with no mother and i got scammed!!! how mean is that? those scammers out there are just mean idiots... ;(

  2. they ruin all the fun for us. hope i'm not getting annoying cuz its me again. (btw i mean sparkle by "me")

  3. No dont worry sparkle I like people commenting =3

  4. Hi wacky (Leah) Molly here yeah I hate scammers too got to go now bye bye for now

  5. I actually know that when someone tries to type in a gift card code, it will not show up on THEIR screen. It shows up on yours, but not the other jammer's screens. I tried it with another computer with my friend, and they didn't see me saying anything.

  6. I just HATE scammers! they are fighting u for stupid PIXELS.

  7. btw i love the fish template!

  8. there is a really rare scam i only seen it once so somebody says trade me something good for this GLICHED bunny plushie then u fall for in then you put it in your den then ITS JUST A NORMAL BUNNY PLUSHIE THEY HAVE SCAMMED YOU OUT OF YOUR RARES AND YOU CAN NEVER FIND HIM EVER AGAIN!!!!

  9. btw i just remembered 2 login 2 wordpress lol

  10. You so copied animal jam rage

  11. I really hate scammers :( My beloved fox hat got scammed a while back because of the pillow thing. Watch out Jammers!


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