Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wind Amulet

Hey jammers! Finally, the weekend, school just started, but I'm still not excited to be going again..
                                             Todays new item is the second part of the Wind Armor set, the Wind Amulet!
 Hmm... I think it reminds me of some kind of shell.. a snails shell, maybe. Anyway, when I went to this diamond shop thismorning to get the picture of the amulet, I found some group of white wolves/foxes, it was pretty weird..
I discovered something else today...The platypus on the picture isn't real! It could be like that on purpose, because when the platypus was discovered, scientists thought it was a hoax (a joke) of lots of parts of different animals stitched together, so maybe that's why it's like that, I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed! ^.^ Happy Jamming!

Friday, 30 August 2013

GIANT bubblegum machine

Hey jammers! Sorry my pots have been late, and not-that-good lately. There was an update yesterday for wind armor, and AJHQ has switched back to their original map! I think I like the original one better, do you?
                                    Meanwhile, I did a small Thundermail, (A.K.A Mailtime; where I show you guys some of the postcards that were sent to me) I got about 12 postcards, I haven't uploaded it yet, but I would really appreciate it if you guys could send some stuff ro next time! ^.^ It's also a shame.. a shame that I got scammed the other day.. There was a guy who went 'Flash me, and win 2 rhino helmets!' I KNEW it was a scam, but I just (USED) to like flash-trading people for fun, so I 'flashed' my un-rare silver spike and freedom helmet for his necklace, and he accepted, STRAIGHT AWAY! I didn't even think the 'yes' button would have popped up! But he accepted, and now I've lost them..
                                                                        BUT, lets try to stay on the bright side of things, - Todays new item is the GIANT BUBBLEGUM
I actually think it's really cool - it's like that Beta Gumball machine! Speaking of furniture, did you ever notice how small the Jam Mart Furniture door is?
My arctic wolf is gonna have to crawl in there! And the Kimbara looks so cool on the old map, dosent it?
Funny, how it appeared to be just where I thought it'd be..
Hah! I told the future! :D  Ok, then! That's  pretty much all for now! Bye jammers! Happy.. jamming!

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hey jammers! Sorry this post is late, Back to school today.. I'm also feeling a little sick, so I'm afraid I cant post.. sorry jammers. :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stack of books

Hey Jammers! Todays new item was ALSO 'predicted' by the adventures.. the stack of books! Or the stack o' books, as I keep calling it, haha. Anyways, here it is!
 Sorry about the late post jammers, I had to go somewhere, I'm busy.. that's all I have time for, because I have to rush off again, bye jammers!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Teachers Desk

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late posts.. today AND yesterday.. It seems I'm just too busy to post right on time at the moment! After all, school again in 2 days.. Speaking of school, AJHQ have really been taking the theme seriously.. todays new item is the teachers desk, sold in jam mart furniture.. perfect for your little animal schools! ^.^
 Hm, seems whoever owned that paper right on top got an A+! Just randomly pointing that out! ^.(\ Heres a weird glitch that I got yesterday, while trying to make a movie thing..
I've also resolved some of my Youtube problems, (Videos..); I've found a good quality screen recorder that has no logo thing, I figured out what kind of music I'll use for my music video, (Pompeii, By Bastille) And I have one last problem to do with my music video, but I can solve that. I think I'm going to start posting AJHQ's posts, so here goes.
And another,
 Have you noticed how AJHQ's Rare Item Monday posts changed? In the last two posts, the items have been displayed on animals, before that..
I like how that turned out.. :D Anyway, that's all for today, jammers! Happy Jamming!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Rare Nerd Glasses

Hey jammers! The adventures kinda.. 'predicted' this week's rare, because it was given out as a prize in the adventures before today.. Silly AJHQ! ^.\)  Anyway, the item is the rare nerd glasses, and look! There non-member!
 Sorry for the exteremely late post, jammers. I couldn't get on for a while because I had some.. technical.. difficulties.. So anyway, yesterday, I tried the parallel glitch..
Hmm.. I hope that plays properly.. the play button dosent look right here.. it doesn't look.. Youtubey.. anyway, we'll just have to wait and see! ^.^
I guess that's really all there is for me to post today, jammers.. Oh! Other than this wolf/dog I drew the other day..
It's not very good, I just like the way the wolf looks, so I thought I'd show it to you guys! :) Anyway, see you in Jamaa, Jammers!
Happy Jamming!
P.S. Like my new signature thing?

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hey jammers! Todays new item is the chalkboard, and it's actually quite interesting..
 Whatever is written up there.. it looks cool! Snowyclaw suggested that it might be Jamaasian, as in a Jamaasian language! Wouldn't that be exciting..
                                                       Now, on to.. well, something else.
                        AJHQ has been returning lots of rares recently, and jammers have had lots of mixed feelings about this.. what do you think? Some jammers think it's a good idea, some think its bad, and some.. don't know what they think, like me! I think its kind of a good idea, because then there wouldn't be much scammers, because everyone would have rares, but at the same time, it's fun to collect rares, so comment and tell me what you think! Maybe it would just be fun to see what you guys think.. anyway, comment and tell me!
So you know the way that, when your in the shop, you have to click on a set of items to actually shop? Well, everything that is displayed in jam mart furniture was once sold there. You probably don't recognize it all, but some of it was sold in Beta. Whereas, in Jam mart clothing, not all of the displayed items were released..
 I what happened to these items? Was AJHQ even going to release them? Were they forgotten? I really think these items would have been cool to have.. so what happened?
P.S Sorry if this post was long and boring.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

A quick post

I don't have much time, but the two new items, (yesterday and today) Is an underwater set!

The shell Armor and shell helmet! The shell armor looks like it would be good on turtles... :3
I don't have much time to post today, so if Wacky posts...
~cookers113578, happystorm, OR penguin900

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Meet Cosmo update

Hey jammers! Todays update is small, and it's pretty much about the Cosmo adventure. It's called 'Meet Cosmo'.. Uh, well that's.. Uh, yeah. :) The new item is the Desk and Chair, in jam mart furniture. Sorry for the really late post yesterday, and late post today..
 Oh! And I almost forgot, heres the front page of the Jamaa Journal
 And AJHQ sent us this fun little message!
 And.. I FINALLY got some diamonds in the daily spin!
 :) Well, bye for now, jammers!
Play Wild!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stone carved stove

Hey jammers! So today's post was a..  well, ok, todays post was really late.. >.< I can't say exactly why I posted so late, but all I will say is that I did try.. Anyways, todays new item is the stone carved stove, sold in Kimbara Imports. Did I ever mention what a good name I thought that was?
 It's so.. old..! Uh, new, I mean, because it's a. a stove.. I actually don't know, haha.

                   Speaking of Kimbara, I LOVE my new kangaroo!
 Oh.. I'm sorry about the short AND late post.. semms I'm getting quite bad these days, please help, Cookers! >.<
Well, anyway jammers! Happy Jamming, see you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hey, jammers! Second post of the day, and it's quite late, but, well.. I JUST BECAME A MEMBER! AGAIN! Although, it's taking awfully long to load.. *Refresh* Ok... Nearly.. 4 dots.. 6 dots.. I'M IN! I'm a member again!
 Ugh, now I have to re-dress my animals... I'm also off to become a kangaroo..! Now, let me customize it! I'm gonna go.. I'm too excited to write more!

The Lion Hat Returns

Hey, jammers! Todays item is actually a returning item, the lion hat!
 Hmm.. That's strange, how it comes in a different starting colour than last time.. Hmm..

                             Oh, and also, I'm going to become a member again, tomorrow, or the day after.. in at least 2 days, anyway. Oh, also.. I just got Scary Bat Wings! The non-member bat wings! But.. I'm wondering.. is it still rare?
 Because I got it for just a headdress.. Do you guys know if its still rare? Because I'm just really wondering.. I might get a sword out of it.. or a RARE spike!
Anyway, now on to.. blogs and authors. Probably the most famous animal jam blog on the planet, The Animal Jam Spirit Blog, and it's one-author, Snowyclaw, are adding more, NEW authors! I'm going to enter the author trials, but I'm not so sure I'll get in. The reason: My blog. I'm worried she will want to see it, and when she does, if she looks at a lot of the posts, she'll see that I missed out.. a lot. (Snowyclaw, if your reading this now, please read on, and please don't.. mark me out or anything because of it) I didn't MEAN to, I just forgot. But I've started once again, and on Snowy's blog, I'd only have to post once a week, PLUS if I DID have to post MORE than once a week, I'd do way, way, way better for Snowyclaw's blog. I swear. I mean, this is my blog, and I really, really put time into it, but I'd do anything to be an author on  Snowyclaw's blog..! Just though I'd tell you all that.. Sorry if I bored you!
Happy Jamming!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Rare Bonnet

Hello, jammers! And as you all know, today is Rare Item Monday (Well, yes, I knew you knew that, but, well, I just felt like saying it, up there ^.^)

             Todays new, rare item is the Rare Bonnet, on the third page of Jam Mart Clothing.
 Hmm.. Its not really me, but I guess it would be ok for those of you who want cute little bunnies! ^.^

                      Now, on to these jammers, the birthday jammers.
 It's hard to believe these jammers, but at the same time, its hard to.. NOT believe them. I STILL don't know a lot about this, wether it is a scam, or.. or well, WHAT it is, exactly.. I get very confused over these jammers, because it more than likely ISN'T their birthday.. Maybe it's just a scam? Or even if it was, I shouldn't want to believe that they should be asking others that they don't know, or others that don't know THEM for a birthday present, or a gift. I'm not trying to be mean to these jammers, I'm just explaining how confused it makes me, because the same jammer that's in that picture was the one that I met thismorning. He came while I was looking for the new item, and I was typing down some things here. When I came back, I had a jamagram, so I checked it, and it said 'ADD ME' But I don't have buddy space left, so I couldn't.. (Sorry Jammers...!) Well, anyway, I said 'Hello' And he said 'incredible' And then, I said 'Yes?' (This must be getting boring, isn't it. I hope you don't think all my long posts are boring, because I tend to write them a lot, AND the post about the Jamaasian Movement was long, too... ) Oh, and the link to that post, the post is long, and theres a few typos, but I think it's one of my best posts. Well, anyway, he said 'its my bday today im so excited! can you send me one good gift?' So I said 'I don't know.. because I doent know you.. I'm sorry, I cant..' And then I left. I'm going to stop typing now, (If I can) Because I know this will get boring for you...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ah, Beat!

Well, hey jammers! I WOULD'VE posted the new item today, but it looks like Cookers/Happystorm beat me to it! And at around 1:30, too! And yup, I really like that Emu Egg, too..!

 I saw it on display when I first went in to Kimbara imports, and wondered if it was for sale, but it wasn't.. and now it is! But I'm non-member now.. and its members only.. :( I guess I'll go into Cookers or Happystorm's den to admire it..! :) Her post is below, if you want to read it. I'm just going to post it, anyway, heh.
  And heres me, looking at it, at least 3-4 days before it was released.
 And sure enough, when I made a stop to cookers's den..

 She hadn't bought it.. Or if she had, it isn't laid out yet.. :(  
Now, I'd like to share a glitch that happened one day, while in my den, when a random move arrow appeared. It didn't work, of course.

Emu Egg

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Emu Egg, sold in Kimbara outback! I actually really like it. O.O

And another thing I noticed... The lantern doesn't say new on it!

 Strange, right? It's super early in the morning for me, it's 1:30 A.M. so I can't post much... I really can't type today. O.O
Happy jamming!

~cookers113578... Or happystorm, too you know!

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Woah, Ok, looks like I got a little mixed-up there, yesterday on the new item! The high-heels were Thursday's item, Yesterday was Friday, and FRIDAY'S item was the latern, in the new enough shop, Kimbara Imports! Wow, that's a nice shop, and with such cool music, too!
 And TODAY'S item is sold in the Diamond shop, the music of the Adventure Base Camp!
Heheh, It's called Bass Camp!
AJHQ Also gave us this little 'Hey Jammers!' Message about the Kimbara Inports shop..
 Now.. I was thinking, just a while ago about this blog. Looking at other blogs, they look much better, Much tidier, and have lots more.. well, Interesting stuff, I guess.. And I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out. All I want you guys to do is suggest some ideas for the blog!
Comment Below!