Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Teachers Desk

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late posts.. today AND yesterday.. It seems I'm just too busy to post right on time at the moment! After all, school again in 2 days.. Speaking of school, AJHQ have really been taking the theme seriously.. todays new item is the teachers desk, sold in jam mart furniture.. perfect for your little animal schools! ^.^
 Hm, seems whoever owned that paper right on top got an A+! Just randomly pointing that out! ^.(\ Heres a weird glitch that I got yesterday, while trying to make a movie thing..
I've also resolved some of my Youtube problems, (Videos..); I've found a good quality screen recorder that has no logo thing, I figured out what kind of music I'll use for my music video, (Pompeii, By Bastille) And I have one last problem to do with my music video, but I can solve that. I think I'm going to start posting AJHQ's posts, so here goes.
And another,
 Have you noticed how AJHQ's Rare Item Monday posts changed? In the last two posts, the items have been displayed on animals, before that..
I like how that turned out.. :D Anyway, that's all for today, jammers! Happy Jamming!


  1. Cool glitch! I've come across it twice!

  2. :P But YOU dindnt send it in to Snowyclaw, so you didn't get her to say YOUR ACTUAL USER ON HER ACTUAL BLOG! :DDDDD Sorry, I just get excited about stuff like that, lol.


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