Monday, 19 August 2013

Rare Bonnet

Hello, jammers! And as you all know, today is Rare Item Monday (Well, yes, I knew you knew that, but, well, I just felt like saying it, up there ^.^)

             Todays new, rare item is the Rare Bonnet, on the third page of Jam Mart Clothing.
 Hmm.. Its not really me, but I guess it would be ok for those of you who want cute little bunnies! ^.^

                      Now, on to these jammers, the birthday jammers.
 It's hard to believe these jammers, but at the same time, its hard to.. NOT believe them. I STILL don't know a lot about this, wether it is a scam, or.. or well, WHAT it is, exactly.. I get very confused over these jammers, because it more than likely ISN'T their birthday.. Maybe it's just a scam? Or even if it was, I shouldn't want to believe that they should be asking others that they don't know, or others that don't know THEM for a birthday present, or a gift. I'm not trying to be mean to these jammers, I'm just explaining how confused it makes me, because the same jammer that's in that picture was the one that I met thismorning. He came while I was looking for the new item, and I was typing down some things here. When I came back, I had a jamagram, so I checked it, and it said 'ADD ME' But I don't have buddy space left, so I couldn't.. (Sorry Jammers...!) Well, anyway, I said 'Hello' And he said 'incredible' And then, I said 'Yes?' (This must be getting boring, isn't it. I hope you don't think all my long posts are boring, because I tend to write them a lot, AND the post about the Jamaasian Movement was long, too... ) Oh, and the link to that post, the post is long, and theres a few typos, but I think it's one of my best posts. Well, anyway, he said 'its my bday today im so excited! can you send me one good gift?' So I said 'I don't know.. because I doent know you.. I'm sorry, I cant..' And then I left. I'm going to stop typing now, (If I can) Because I know this will get boring for you...

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  1. Heh, I never believe it's their birthday. When it's my birthday, I just say to my friends... It's my birthday today... And they say... Oh, happy birthday! I just say to the seeming to scam Jammers. Happy birthday. And walk off... I actually might post later today! Oh wait, I have an idea... :3 After you post, I'll do a post about what the item looks like on most animals! My internet has been out all day... I'm gonna do a post soon! I'll show you guys what it looks like on most animals. :) And any other new clothing item that comes out.... And for the new den items, I'll post about what they look like in your den, if they do anything, and what they do, if they do anything...


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