Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ah, Beat!

Well, hey jammers! I WOULD'VE posted the new item today, but it looks like Cookers/Happystorm beat me to it! And at around 1:30, too! And yup, I really like that Emu Egg, too..!

 I saw it on display when I first went in to Kimbara imports, and wondered if it was for sale, but it wasn't.. and now it is! But I'm non-member now.. and its members only.. :( I guess I'll go into Cookers or Happystorm's den to admire it..! :) Her post is below, if you want to read it. I'm just going to post it, anyway, heh.
  And heres me, looking at it, at least 3-4 days before it was released.
 And sure enough, when I made a stop to cookers's den..

 She hadn't bought it.. Or if she had, it isn't laid out yet.. :(  
Now, I'd like to share a glitch that happened one day, while in my den, when a random move arrow appeared. It didn't work, of course.


  1. Noooooo!!! I forgot to buy it. >:U :P I see you're starting to post everyday now! Maybe I'll lay off it for a while... Or maybe... >:3 I declare war! :O I'm just kidding. Nice post!

  2. Starting to post everyday.. yeah, I'm kinda sad that Iforgot for a while.. and I'm also sad that your going to declare WAR ON ME! <:O


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