Monday, 26 August 2013

Rare Nerd Glasses

Hey jammers! The adventures kinda.. 'predicted' this week's rare, because it was given out as a prize in the adventures before today.. Silly AJHQ! ^.\)  Anyway, the item is the rare nerd glasses, and look! There non-member!
 Sorry for the exteremely late post, jammers. I couldn't get on for a while because I had some.. technical.. difficulties.. So anyway, yesterday, I tried the parallel glitch..
Hmm.. I hope that plays properly.. the play button dosent look right here.. it doesn't look.. Youtubey.. anyway, we'll just have to wait and see! ^.^
I guess that's really all there is for me to post today, jammers.. Oh! Other than this wolf/dog I drew the other day..
It's not very good, I just like the way the wolf looks, so I thought I'd show it to you guys! :) Anyway, see you in Jamaa, Jammers!
Happy Jamming!
P.S. Like my new signature thing?

1 comment:

  1. You're an excellent artist! And wacky, if you miss a day of posting, and I'm supposed to post, I'll post later now. School just started today for me...


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