Friday, 30 August 2013

GIANT bubblegum machine

Hey jammers! Sorry my pots have been late, and not-that-good lately. There was an update yesterday for wind armor, and AJHQ has switched back to their original map! I think I like the original one better, do you?
                                    Meanwhile, I did a small Thundermail, (A.K.A Mailtime; where I show you guys some of the postcards that were sent to me) I got about 12 postcards, I haven't uploaded it yet, but I would really appreciate it if you guys could send some stuff ro next time! ^.^ It's also a shame.. a shame that I got scammed the other day.. There was a guy who went 'Flash me, and win 2 rhino helmets!' I KNEW it was a scam, but I just (USED) to like flash-trading people for fun, so I 'flashed' my un-rare silver spike and freedom helmet for his necklace, and he accepted, STRAIGHT AWAY! I didn't even think the 'yes' button would have popped up! But he accepted, and now I've lost them..
                                                                        BUT, lets try to stay on the bright side of things, - Todays new item is the GIANT BUBBLEGUM
I actually think it's really cool - it's like that Beta Gumball machine! Speaking of furniture, did you ever notice how small the Jam Mart Furniture door is?
My arctic wolf is gonna have to crawl in there! And the Kimbara looks so cool on the old map, dosent it?
Funny, how it appeared to be just where I thought it'd be..
Hah! I told the future! :D  Ok, then! That's  pretty much all for now! Bye jammers! Happy.. jamming!

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  1. I'm d
    So so sorry, I never posted yesterday! I started to post, but then I got distracted... :(


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