Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hey jammers! Todays new item is the chalkboard, and it's actually quite interesting..
 Whatever is written up there.. it looks cool! Snowyclaw suggested that it might be Jamaasian, as in a Jamaasian language! Wouldn't that be exciting..
                                                       Now, on to.. well, something else.
                        AJHQ has been returning lots of rares recently, and jammers have had lots of mixed feelings about this.. what do you think? Some jammers think it's a good idea, some think its bad, and some.. don't know what they think, like me! I think its kind of a good idea, because then there wouldn't be much scammers, because everyone would have rares, but at the same time, it's fun to collect rares, so comment and tell me what you think! Maybe it would just be fun to see what you guys think.. anyway, comment and tell me!
So you know the way that, when your in the shop, you have to click on a set of items to actually shop? Well, everything that is displayed in jam mart furniture was once sold there. You probably don't recognize it all, but some of it was sold in Beta. Whereas, in Jam mart clothing, not all of the displayed items were released..
 I what happened to these items? Was AJHQ even going to release them? Were they forgotten? I really think these items would have been cool to have.. so what happened?
P.S Sorry if this post was long and boring.

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