Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Hive

Hey JammerS! Im sorry I couldn't post for a while.. and this is probably my earliest post EVER, RIGHT!? I KNOW! I MEANT IT TO BE! :DD Anyway, there was an update today.. a new adventure has come - The Hive!
Wow! The phantom king! I think I actually remember someone suggesting that before! Looks like this person influenced AJHQ a bit! :) I really like this issue, because it reminds me of Hallow'een, which reminds me of two things; my birthday, and candy :3  Mostly my birthday though ^.^ It's on the 28th of October, so its coming up soon :) October also marks the day that I joined Animal Jam, one or two years ago..
Night of the phantoms is also upon us! And pet bats, one of my favourite pets, are now available in the Spooky Party! If only it was on right now..
Moving on, when I logged on today, I got this strange glitch, where the 'You were gone for too long and got logged out' tab appeared to overlap the Daily Spin..
And the screen behind was all black. Jamaa has already been messed up by the phantoms! ^.\) And speaking of phantoms..
One has replaced Mira! I know it's just a joke, but still, it scares me sometimes.. I wonder where Mira is..? I was going to move onto the new item.. but the thing is.. I uh.. Uh.. Cant find it.. seriously. I checked EVERY shop.. And OOH! Look what I just found!
Is it a portal? Can I go in? Let me see..
The portal/vortex that I found is in The Lost Temple Of Zios, I'm sure theres more around though.. You can play a game called 'Phantoms!' Where you fight them with a light to protect your candy! Fun :D
Trust me though.. its VERY frustrating. But if you get to level five, you'll get a phantom statue!
That's all, since I cant find the new item! I'll post more if I do! Thanks Jammers! Bye and Happy Jamming!

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