Thursday, 12 September 2013

AJ 3rd Birthday!

Hey Jammers! Im so sorry I didn't post yesterday, our internet was down.. BUT TODAY IS SO EXCITING!! SO LETS GET STARTED... There are LOTS of new items, the phantoms, in Jam Mart Furniture..
 I love what AJHQ are doing! ^.^ Instead of bringing out rares, their bringing out nice item LIKE the rare ones, that,, aren't rare! Like the phantoms, the gumball machine.. and stuff.. second of all; the update - Its Animal Jam's 3rd birthday!
 And if you enter the code AJBDAY3, you get this neat birthday cake!
 Aaanndd.. the medical center has, in-a-way, reopened!!
 Theres even some cool items to buy there!

 Perfect if you have a broken leg or cut knee.. or sore head! :D But, unfortunately, for this horse, that IS the case..
Ouch! Haha! And AJHQ have changed the National Geographic Kids Banner thing..
 They've also built in adventure invites! AJHQ, you've gone over the top for us! ^.^
Oh, yes! And I forgot to mention that the phantoms can be purchased at the NEW ADVENTURE SHOP!
And while we're talking about adventures, the phantom portal is now open to non-members too!
 They've also added some new activities to Coral Canyons, (Art Room) and put in something called..sketch jam?
Oh, alright, its just a video, where one of the animal jam artists show you how to draw a bunny, how interesting..!
And Autumn has officially fallen on Jamaa.. :)
Phew.. sadly, that's it, (Not that we could have asked for more!) Happy Jamming!

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