Monday, 2 September 2013

Rare Aviator Hat

Hey jammers! It looks like I have a bit of explaining to do.. about my posts.
                                     I'm so absoloutley sorry that I have been posting late, or not at all, I know you all must be sick of my apoligies, as I know what it's like waiting for a blogger to post.. It's very hard for me to get up early, I'm just TOO LAZY! >.<      I also don't mean to sound evil and mean and stuff, because its for the good of the blog, (and your my friend, Cookers. :)) but could you please just try a little harder to post a bit more and stuff..? >.<  That sounded so evil.. >.< so, so evil.. I mean, mean.. >.<
                                                           Aaaaannyywwaaaayy, todays new (rare) item is the Rare Aviator hat, in the first page of Jam-Mart Clothing :)
 And heres AJHQ's little blurb about them.
Hmmm, I'm guessing AJHQ is going to keep displaying the items on animals, then!   Ok, then, I guess that's all jammers! Oh, right exept this..
 Don't these phantoms just look so cute? ^.^ I mean, EVIL. EEEVVIILLL! That's how they fool you..

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  1. No, that wasn't evil at all! I'm truly sorry, just the fuss with school has started up! Once I get it going smoothly, I'll start taking better care of the blog. It's just so hard, because I was traveling earlier, too.


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