Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hey Jammers! Today's item is quite funky, the moustache!
Haha! How cool, now you can dress up as an evil guy with a moustache or something..!
 And just check out this elephant!
 Im also really excited for today.. because later on we're getting a new dog! That would make 3 dogs! Awesome, right? We're getting the weakest one, because my Dad said that'd be the one who needs the best home. Its going to be something like a Sheep Dog crossed with a Labrador. Im getting off-topic now, so lets get back on to Animal Jam
I was just jumpin' on mah phantom...
Ok, now I'd like to talk about people from other countries on Animal Jam. Most are English, (SPEAK English) but sometimes someone comes on and speaks a different language.. Like this morning, someone came on speaking Dutch and everyone was saying 'Go away dutch! or else!' And shouting at her and telling her to go away. She only knew a bit of English, so.. I used Google Translate to talk to her C: Anyway, my point IS, if you see someone from another country being treated unfairly, try to stop it. And don't be racist. Don't bully them because of where there from. Happy Jamming!

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