Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rares and parties

so the title of this post is a little mixed up, but the only reason i said stuff about rares is because when i went on Animal jam this moring there was a jammer who had no rares asking a really rare jammer if she could trade for one of his rares,The rare jammer then said "NO, go away noob, i dont want any of your non-rare items" hat was just mean some people when they get rares they just loose the run of themselves and they change into a different person, Im not saying that its bad to have rares or anything, its just bad to have them then think your the boss of everyone else.Now remeber what i said about parties? yea well i have about 59 veiws but when i get 100 veiws im gonna host a party at my den!!! Also now to publish a comment u don have to type in that code thing anymore! As far as im concerened there are no new items in the shops i willl  post new photos now bye!!
random photo ----------------------------------------------------->
bye for now

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