Friday, 8 February 2013

I learned how to take screenshots(finally!) and now i can show you pictures!!. I know this is the second post that i did today but im kinda excited.Also like i said that i fixed it so anonymous people can comment I actually forgot to save it....Its REALLY fixed now so if you dont have an account on blogger you can comment!For all those jammers who dont know what the new mystery animal is going to be, Its a Raccoon! The weirdest thing happened the other day in sarepia forest though, it was a wolf running on the spot! And at the entrance of the forest there was a clone of him! running on the spot!! just like him!I saw another clone up near the flag shop!?!?! so weird!Any of this ever happened to you?


  1. Hi, I think your blog is off to a good start! This was almost what my old blog looked like in December! I have a blog link that might help you, The blog is made by my friend Feelers:
    Anyways, Congratulations on your first blog! You figured out how to do the toolbar at the top? I didn't find out until a week ago XD
    Happy blogging! Good luck getting views!

  2. Hi wackywolf I think your blog is cool! I might keep visiting it..


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