Tuesday, 19 February 2013

cowboy boots

hiya jammers animal jam is currently offline so... yea anyways todays new item is uh the cowboy boots
sold for 4oo gems in jam mart furniture. yikes! sorta pricy dontcha think? They look a bit funny/weird on most animals so yea... anyways here is what i mean by animal jam is offline:
I TOLD YOU SO! >:{O  !!!!! lol anyways is tail armor worth a fox hat and a giant shark plush cuz i just traded my green tail for an orange fox hat and a giant shark... does anybody know??
Anyways here are AJHQ,s post on the DE:
 congrats, MythicalSnowyRose! Also I noticed this yesterday while at Crystal sands:
see where I have circled (ssorry i forgot to crop it..) anyways isnt that weird??
Bye for now jammers!

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