Thursday, 14 February 2013

hey jammers! Todays new updates brings a few things first of all the Jamaa journal:
There is the new birds of paridise party the winner of cosmos hat contest and a few other things NOTE:get your favourite friendship party items before their gone! There are 2 new items today both sold in jam mart clothing. the first is the heart antenne headband :
second the heart glasses:
Now i,ll show you some pictures from the birds of paridise party:
Its like a big olf forgotten forest or something but i love it! You can go around searching for birds, you even get a new journey book page!:
When you find them all you get a special prize! Its basiclly the same thing as all the journey books you find a bird:
like this one, then click it :
And click add to journey book!
The double gems game is....Overflow! =D and last...But not least! AJHQ,s post on the DE (Daily explorer)
bye for now jammers and happy valentines day!

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