Monday, 1 July 2013

Signular post: Non member LioN!

Hi Jammers! Today Guess what I saw.. A NON MEMBER LION- AND IT WAS MY SISTER!! HERES THE PIC! I can prove shes my sis, 'Cause We both have 81 at the end of our names, Were buddies, AND I HAVE A PIC OF HER ON HER ACCOUNT!
See, There she is, In Jamaa, AND her card, where you see I'm her buddy.
 See? Her Membership expired, and for a while, she was her lion-BUT NON MEMBER! (Notice her animals face and her username in the corner.) So, Everyone thought she was awesome. Now shes her old, Non member self, A panda. She No longer has a non member Lion, But feel free to look her up And friend her. She kinda wants to say something now. 'Ok, am.. so.. I just want to say Thanks! Lol, To everyone for thinking I'm awesome, and stuff. And, I'm sorry everyone, That Wacky is mking such a big deal out of this! Even though shes older. I think she's just excited. Anyway, Bye.' That's what she said.

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  1. omg. I feel so sorry for animal jam because they need to start lowering the prices on a membership. bye!


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