Friday, 5 July 2013

Creepy Sun hats and LPS

Hey jammers todays item is the (Little bit creepy) Sun hat!!

 *Shivers* That's scary, so so scary.  It's sold in the Summer Carnival, For 5,000 Tickets. Didn't you notice, things in the summer carnival are a little pricy? ^.^ Anyway, I suppose you read the title and went "LPS? What?" Well, Um.. You see.. LPS stands for "Littlest pet shop"..  And I have collected them since I was about 6. A few days ago, I dug up the box and found my many pets. I don't like playing with them or anything, I'm just interested in collecting them. Some people even make Youtube videos about them - Or WITH them. I have a hobby of collecting things, But I really have a lot f these. So, anyway, Yesterday, I wanted to make another blog (Yet another strange hobby of mine) But I couldn't think of something t do it about. Today it hit me. Littlest pet shop. I sounds quite babyish, I know. But I'm just making it about the ones I have and what I do with them..
My problem with them (Not exactly a problem) Is that they made some show (My sister informed me, thank you Emmacute81) with some girl as the min character. Anyway, They looked all different on the show, and now they made LPS like that. I don't like it. It's like those stupid little squeaky spongebob figurines you can get. Weird looking and plasticy. Here, I'll explain, They used to look like this:
 Now because of that show they look like this:
Yeah.. I bet you can see the difference there. They NEW ones are much bigger and have their own little.. weird thing. Their eyes are bigger and weirder and they just.. I just.. GRR! PLUS In that SHOW OF THEIRS they had this girl/person thing called Blythe THEY NOW MAKE LPS DOLLS! I REALLY HAT DOLLS. REALLY. I really also hate whoever came up with THAT Stupid Idea. So anyway, I'm not done any posts for Lps The blog, But click Here to see it.

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