Thursday, 4 July 2013

Freedom snakes

Sorry- I know I didn't post.

                                               Anyways, Todays new items are the freedom Snakes, Sold in The summer carnival.
 On another note, LittleBuddyWO2 Has spotted something he thinks will be the tunnel to the new land.
 He also suspects that this is the new land.

 Hmm.. You could be right, LittlebuddyWO2, Take a look at this:
 There's a mysterious path leading from

Mt.Shiveer, To an undiscovered land. You see the path where I have traced- But there is other undiscovered lands..
 Theres even undiscovered seas! But I doubt koalas are going to find an underwater land! :P Anyway, Happy 4th of July to all the Americans, And Happy Freedom day to everyone else.

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