Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Author tryouts, sorry, and Small corner shelf

Hello Jammers.. I'd like to start off by saying I'm so, so, so, so, so, SO Sorry for not posting in FOREVER. I haven't had my laptop really, only yesterday I had time to post a video on youtube, which I'm sorry about, because I couldn't post on AJT too. Anyway, I've come up with a solution for this problem of me not being able to post, I have decided to do Author Tryouts. I'm looking for a kind jammer who has a blogger account, and is at least a bit experienced in blogging. Also if you could tell me how often you could post, that'd be great, too. I need someone who can post when I'm not there.. Which I will try to be, from now on, I am going to go all out, today, and try to customize my blog more, update all of the pages, Make it a bit more unique. I'm going to change the blog a bit today, make it more.. eye catching, so more Jammers will visit. I'm doing all this because I haven't been on in a long time.  Anyway, If you would like to try out to be an author, either comment below, (With your Blogger account) Or email me saying you would like to try out at animaljamthunder@gmail.com.

Now, Last, but not least, Todays new item is the Small corner shelf, sold in Jam Mart furniture - And Guess what? It's Nonmember! ^.^ I would make a blog that supports non-members, (I have wanted to do that since I was a  member, I'm now a NON member) But then everyone would say I was copying the famous-ish Feelers. She is a former animal jam blogger, quit about a month ago.
Hmm.. This could come in handy to me!
Bye Jammers, And Happy Jamming!


  1. I am cookers113578 an I am hoping to become an author. I am posting anonymously but I have no choice. I have Posted comments on my Blogger account before. I am Ani mal Jam mer at cookers113578@gmail.com. My blog is Shadow's life ( an animal jam journal), or Animal Jam Spin. I am truly very, so, absolutely sorry I am not signed in.

    One other note... When I Do post, I don't JUST post the new item. I will post other things, and sometimes maybe not the new item at all. If I DO post the new item, just the new item, then I am probably in a rush, or I'm on late at night. And still... I am very sorry I am not signed in!
    And one more thing!!! I am your buddy.


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