Monday, 22 July 2013

Hey, guys! I'm new!

Hey, Jammers! I'm a new author to this Blog! I am cookers113578, but I am usually on HappyStorm I hope I can be a nonmember fox on HappyStorm. >:D Anyhoo, here is a picture of me and HappyStorm! ( We are still the same person! ) Oh, and Wacky!!!
I'm the Arctic wolf, HappyStorm is the fox, and Wacky is the wolf! So, that's what I usually look like. :) Umm... Sooo... Wacky already posted the new item... I guess I'll just post about myself! I have a youtube channel on HappyStorm's gmail account, here's the link... Click here! Okay... So... Yeah. :) I can't think of much to post today... :\ Wait!!! I have two bunnies!!!!!! Bunny pictures!! This one is Ash!

This one is Charlie. :) He once bit my finger!! >:U
Thanks for reading!!

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