Wednesday, 10 April 2013

wacky den Items and hay!

:)) Hiya jammers!! Before I start the post Just a quick reminder: The koalas are leaving Jamaa tomorow. Get yours soon! ^.^) Ok so todays new item is the hay bale
Now,  so you may have noticed the post title wacky den Items and hay. Now this is what I meant by Wacky den items.
You see the zios thingy? I dont know about you but I have never seen one... In jam-mart clothing There is a similar one, only smaller and with a phantom necklace..
Hmmm... Now this next wacky den item isnt seen much but I have an explanation of how to get it..
:) See the tiger plushie? dosent look normal does it? Well let me tell you something, Its not giant Its not normal its not mini. Its....... Sidekix!!  Isnt it great? Ok heres how to get one. Do you remember the time when I posted about AJHQ selling sidekix plushies in Animal jam outfitters. Well, If you order one of those plushies it comes with an awesome code for a sidekix plushie for In-game animal jam!! Ok now this weird glitch I got when I logged on today:
Do you see where I have highlighted? According to this, my username is name.  Looks like I logged into the wrong account! haha
So thats all for now jammers!
Happy jamming-wackywolf81

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