Thursday, 11 April 2013

sunflowers and photo booth

Heya jammers!! Todays Updadate is fairly exiting too. So first of all a nice little item for the spring season the sunflowers!
 Now... The exiting part.. As you might be able to tell there is something in the new update to do with photo booths...
=D Its located in club geoz..
Here is some sample pictures:
 You can choose what animal you would like to take the picture with, then choose a background and pick a text! I hope you have fun using this! ^.^    On other notes the jamaa jam-a-gram has vanished...
Perhaps because of its glitch... do you see the glitch? Look at the spelling of jamaa... haha I wonder if its a typo or if the spelling of jamaa/jamma was still being disscused at the time this JAG was made.. Im going to miss it.. it was my favourite jam a gram.. =( . anyways  AJHQ have decided to give us an extra montly gift...
koalas have gone "exploring" and yes hopefully they will return with exciting news.. =)
 And its almost earth day!
 Some of the best jokes from Grahams joke contest will be in jammer central. And It looks like We were ahead of AJHQ yesterday with the sidekix plushies because..
 ^.^ Thats all for now jammers! .. I think im going to have another go in that photo booth now...

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