Monday, 15 April 2013

Rare, Webby and Giveaways.

Hi jammers!! Todays item is the rare flower glassess in the ninth page of jam amrt clothing`s catalog.
 And AJHQ is doing a little better with the Webby awards:
 Click here to go to the site and vote again! Remeber, you can vote every day! Now, I have been thinking.. Maybe I should start doing Item giveaways.. What do you think jammers? I did some contests before but they didnt  turn out well because only one person or no one entered. I was quite upset. I will try one rare item give away and see how it goes.  If i get many entries I will do more :). before I start the giveaway I was thinking, What if some people dont know how to comment on blogs? (I know most do, but Just in case) Im going to show you how.  
1. Go down to the bottom of the post and click (what it usually says) No comments.
  2.  Then you will be brought down here
If you have a blogger account (or just  google) click google account and you can just type in your comment.
3.If you have not got a google account go to the bottom and select Anonymous.
   You can also select to comment with your : LiveJournal account, WordPress account, TypePad account, AIM account OpenID Or  Name/URL (I dont know what half of theese are but you might)
4. Type in your comment and click publish.
 When you click publish it will say Publishing.. (only takes 3 seconds!)  Then Ta-Da! Your comment appears!     Ok Im ready for the item giveaway
There will be 3 items given away this time! Some items may be rare! (Or expensive XD!)

Ok so just comment and leave your user, I will do a draw then and try to be as random as I can!! There will be one jammer who wins an item. Example:  The silver glove goes to... littlehappybuddy! The eyeball hat goes to...  Wackywolf81! KInda like that ^.^ happy jamming!


  1. My user is crouchingwolf, I would like to win the mech angels because mine got scammed. :( Oh well! Thank you,

  2. I am ekjma2000 and I would like the eyeball hat. or the mechanical wings or whatevs. I have never had any of those so yeah.

  3. Hi my use is LilCreativeLeaf! I would like the eyeball, MOSTLY. Please, i never won a giveaway, YET. (HInt hint, LOL!) So please, i wanna win!

  4. Are you having a giveaway :X or do you know of some?

    OH YEA! /\____/\
    ( '.' )
    U U


  6. Hi my username is hd22768 i want the eyeball hat please.

  7. hi me and my friend are looking for giveaways to enter. so my friends username is hiwilla she wants the mech angel wings. she is jumping up and down and screaming "GET ME THE ANGEL WINGS! GET ME THE ANGEL WINGS!" for me i do not care my username is rainbowunicornbee i would like the eyeball hat plz. the reason i want one is because someone traded me something for it which was beta and i was so excited but then she scammed me and said "ha ha i tricked u!" and before i could click her nametag and report her she just left. she made me angry. i dont care if i dont win because whoever gets the item i would like them to be happy with it. Again: my friend (hiwilla) wants the mech angel wings. they do not interest me because to me they are not rare. me (rainbowunicornbee) thank u! my computer about to die have to publish it now good luck!


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