Friday, 12 April 2013

Tooltips,tunnel town and... Throughs?

Heya jammers!! I dont know if I posted about this before but...since animal jam got 10 million kids to join.. SmartBomb (company who made animal jam) Have been making an IOS Application Called Tunneltown Here is what I managed to find out..
Seems interesting...
This app looks good!
Theres more to do too!! Make sure to get it! If you can! You can build your own empire, plant a garden and more! Now Tooltips That part was about the tail armor. Lots of people have been talking about Going into battle with the phantoms. But I know for a fact that something like that WILL happen, look at this glitchy thing I got when putting my tail armor on trade:
Strange, huh? maybe the items will do damage..
 and todays new item is a troughe

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  1. The same thing happened top me when i put my mouse over a white tooltip in someone elses trade list! weird....


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