Saturday, 27 April 2013

Underwater top hat and trades

Heyo Jammers!! Todays new Item is the underwater Top hat Now this sounds interesting..
 Two more things after that. Ok   1.    I have a pink   Ledgendary glove. Im not a big fan of pink so I want a different color. Any color really. If you will trade with me please Send me a Jam-a-gram on AJ or comment here ^.^     ok   2.    I know thi isnt really AJ related but Im going to tell you about my favourite ledgend (story, ledgend) :The loch Ness Monster. I dont live in scotland but for some reason its the ledgend I like best. I think the Loch ness monster (Nessie,Waterhorse, ect.) anyways, Its a very popular ledgend so you should kno but If you dont, here it is. There is said to be a monster living in the Loch Ness, Scotland. Lots of people claimed they saw this monster but there is no proof. Just fuzzy pictures. However, When I read a book about it a while ago, The book said that, in the time of the dinosaurs there was a dino called Plesiosaur.
Plesiosaur  was a dinosaur who lived underwater. So thats why I beleive the Loch Ness monster is real. Because there was something like it a long tiime ago.  It could have survived. Like, I forget the name but, It was a fish and everyone thought it was extinct Millions of years ago. But one day there was a man out fishing. It was reported that he caught a live  one of them. So just think a fish beleived to have been extict millions of years ago, was found alive! Dont you find that amazing? The Plesiosaur Could still be alive. There are still many species of animals that we do not know of or have not even discovered yet, alive. So the loch ness monster could be. I think the loch ness monster is just a Plesiosaur. One that survived. what do you think? do you beleive this ledgend?
Whoa! Long post there! sorry if I bored you, I just love that ledgend and wanted to see if anyone else beleived you. Even if I am Supposed to be only posting about animal jam. I decided to post about this. Im going to put up a poll to ask if you beleive it or not.

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