Thursday, 25 April 2013

Scamming summer carnival, update sorry (ECT.)

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Hi  jammers, Lots of NEW stuff today!! There was a new update:
 Jam Session, Huh? Sounds pretty fun to me!
Cool, some instruments! And sadly (   :(   )   ore animals are leaving!
Although, It just accured to me that they may be making space for new animals! isnt that exciting!?!? And just now I realied Im really close to the jam session:
 I might not be able to attend I have to go pretty soon.. :(   AJHQ are holding a photo booth contest..
 OOOH!! I JUST MIGHT MAKE IT TO THE JAM SESSION!! (sorry lol) oh! This is exciting! The summer carnival is soon returning!
And wow! this is neat! you can now grow your OWN GARDEN!! Im going to start right after this post ^.^
They ARE a nice little item for eart day ^.^ here me, proudly standing beside my one tomato plant:
 you can find theese nice items in jam-mart furniture!
HEY!! I MADE IT!!! :
Here are the items being sold:

Get up on the stage and jam out with friends! If you get enough people dancing lights go off!! Ok I have to go jammers bye!

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