Friday, 7 June 2013

I`m alive! It`s ok! I`m alive.

Hey Jammers! You remember my stories about how I didnt have my laptop? Well, I didn`t have it for a loooooooooooooooong time! Im so sorry! I`m going to start fresh, starting tomorrow. Please don`t be like mad at me or anything because you thought I had quit. Or I was dead ( Ok, you probably didn`t`think that but..).. Yeah. I`m not quitting for a long time. :)) I know I`ve lost a lot of veiwers by not posting- But I promise, From tomorrow on, I`ll post day by day by day by day by know.
                                 So, anyway- today`s new item is the beanie!
 To be honest... I dont exactly like it. Its a bit... Yeah.. I just dont like it.
                                                       Now I know many of you have finished reading Erin Hunter`s Warriors series, But well I`ve just started reading them. I`m on Book 2:Fire and Ice. Its pretty good. I bet most of you reading this read `em.
If I had to pick my favourite character it would be Bluestar. :D
Thats all for now jammers! Se you tomorrow!! (Definatley)w

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