Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Teapots Return & Sluggies

Hey Jammers!  Guess what? The old beta rare (sold in Beta, 2010) Tea pots have returned! They can now be bought in Jam Mart Clothing for only 100 gems! ^.^
I`m also going to tell you of a thought that has wondered in my mind since the Diamond shop (with old rares) was introduced: Maybe AJHQ has seen all the scamming, and fighting about rares- So they`ve decided to bring them back! Then all jammers will get rares and there will be no fighting! First-they bring back fox hats, Then--The old monthly rares Now-- The rare, old, Tea pots of Beta :3
 If that is what you`re doing, AJHQ, then Good work! Now on a random side note, I drew a little picture of a slug thing in paint today, And decided to make free  ones for the jammers! Heres a sample:
Not very good-I know. But at least it`s free! If you want one just comment, Heres the thing to put in:
Sluggie`s name:
Appearence of sluggie (colour, eyes, design, ect.):
Any other items (Headbands, Tails, hats ect.):
Do you promise not to edit your sluggie, and treat it nicely? [your answer.]
I hope I get at least 3 customers, and remember; Sluggies are completely 100% free! When I`m done I`ll post ypur sluggie, then you can save it to your computer or take a screenshot of it, comment when your done, and I`ll take it down to make sure nobody else takes it! Have funn! Bye Jammers!


  1. Hey, wackywolf81! allykat567789 again. Hey, I just saw the weirdest thing in Jamaa: A Kangaroo Animal! I searched up HAPPYSEAL5555 and Scarlotta. They boh had the Kangaroo. Do you have any info on that?


    1. Yes actually, A bit of info, I`ll do a post on it right now

  2. (btw I meant to say both)

  3. thx wackywolf! hey if u want, u can check out my blog i am not very good with blogs but it is called hope u like it :D

  4. cookers113578,

    Dark red sluggie with black spots, and wearing some dragon wings. :)


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