Monday, 17 June 2013

Sigular post: Mysterious Kangaroos.

Hey Jammers! Sorry, I havent been up-to-date on posting for a while. Anyways, I`ve heard gossip about a new animal in Jamaa- Kangaroos.  Since allykat, commented about it and asked if I had info, I decided to post about it. I`ve been reasearching on the web about it, and figured out there are 2 Jammers, who have them. Lets not mention the users. Apparently, you can get them from a gift card only sold in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. Heres a picture.

Pictre credit to Snowyclaw and xMimiCupcake.
I partly understand qhy AJHQ would sell them only in Austrailia and New Zealand, Since that is where kangaroos come from, But why not for every Jammer?? Maybe AJHQ was still testing it. It seems they come with the name, Mister Wonkybuddy. They seem quite small compared to other animals... what do you think..?
Hmm... Yeah the gift card is`nt in animal jam outfitters either. I`ll try to get a friendly jammer who has a kangaroo to help me. I`ll update with any news.
P.S Anyone want a sluggie...??

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