Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi jammers I finally got into a lucky party!!! Heres some pics i took
and Here are the items currently In the lucky shop

I bought 1 of everything. when the lucky party leaves theese items will be worth something! So I would buy some if I were you! By the way just a reminder If you have any unwanted plushies just sitting in storage then please send them to me as I might use them In my plushie blog! If you do I will be sure to thhank you and you might even get a little something back! Ok so on snowyclaws blog she does a monday mystery well Im thinking of  doing a weekly mystey. Here are the steps if you want to enter
1. Wait for me to post a mystery.
2.when  I do I will tell you what you have to write about
3.Simply make up a story (as creative as you can, as that will be what the prize is for!) about the mystery
4. I will look through them and First place will get theirs read out o the blog and a prize sent to them on animal jam. Second place will get theirs read out on the blog aswell (dont forget to leave your username in case you win!)
Ok so here is the mystery for this week: At the top of jamaa  there is a statue of mira
Here is your task,Jammers, Make up a story about (a) when was it built (b) who built it and (c) Why do you think it was built dont just answer theese questions, make up a whole story that was just a little list of things you could include. Feel free to add more though! remember the winners will get a prize!

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  1. I know, it's late for this, but... here goes!

    Mira hoped that nobody would be late. Flapping her great wings she landed. Greely, Sir Gilbert, Peck, Cosmo, Liza, the newest Alpha, Harper, and... Where was Graham? In the distance she heard a "Oh, found it!" And in a few moments, Graham arrived.
    "Sorry! I lost the key to the Alpha guard gate."
    Mira's gentle voice responded "Oh, that's okay, Graham. I see you found it. It's no trouble... As long as you don't lose it for good."
    "Thanks, Mira! I forgot, though... Why are we here?"
    "I overheard the phantoms. They are planning an attack." She wrapped her beautiful wings around the Alphas and began murmuring... "The phantoms are going to attack on the night of the phantoms..." And she murmured her plan.
    When the Night of the Phantoms came, they were ready. Phantoms went around, seeking the lives of the Alphas. Cosmo sat silently in a tree. When a group of phantoms arrived, he murmured "Go." And about ten vines wrapped around the phantoms, sealing them into a green cage. Greely hopped out of the bushes, howling. As he howled, his breath turned to pink dust, and wrapped around the phantoms, making them explode with a POP! While this happened, Peck had make statues of all of the Alphas, and painted them very nice. She set them around. The phantoms fell for it. Sir Gilbert hid on the elephant of the Lost Temple of Zios. Letting out a roar he leaped into a group of phantoms, and tore them all apart with strong claws and teeth.
    As Gilbert ripped apart phantoms, Graham stood by the Alpha guard gates, watching Liza say gentle thing to the phantoms, which was too much for them... and made them explode. Then out of no where, all at once, a wave of about 500,000 phantoms filled Jamaa, rapidly defeating all of the Alphas. Mira, high in the sky watched in horror, which built up into anger. She screeched the loudest screech she's ever screeched, and dove down, close to the ground, flared her wings and did one of her legendary black hole openings. She opened a black hole and all of the phantoms were sucked in. Peck, right before she went unconscious, saw this.

    Mira carried all of the Alphas to the Chamber of Knowledge, setting them down lightly. She searched the books and quickly found the one on how to heal animals from phantom poison. Read the herbs used to make the mixture, she rushed around, gripping herbs in her talons, and beak. flapping back to the Alphas, she gave them each a bit of the herbs that she had crushed up in her talons on the way.
    A day or two later, they woke up. Mira was unaware of this. They gathered into a group and began murmuring.
    Peck murmured "Let's go make..."

    They gathered in a clearing with clay, and Peck pushed it together, with Greely magical help, and once it hardened, which Greely helped with, They all painted it together. When it was done, it looked similar to what Mira had looked like when she had opened the black hole.
    Mira soon found all of the Alphas gone and, panicking, flapped around Jamaa, searching for the Alphas. Quickly finding the strange statue and all of the Alphas around it, she asked the Alphas
    "What's this?"
    Peck replied "I saw you open the black hole and save our lives! This will always remind us of what you did."
    "Aww, thanks" Said Mira, "I saved you, so you paid me this. Thank you." And every Alpha smiled. So did Harper, for the first time.

    That's my story! Hope you liked it!



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