Thursday, 28 March 2013

Exciting Exciting!

Hi jammers! lots of excitment today! First of all (everything today is so exciting that this is boring) The new item is the (land) surfboard!
 Now todays update... 10 MILLION Jammers have signed up to play animal jam!
And if you look closely there is a code 10MILLION If you enter it when you log in...
You get a limited edition 10 Million Banner promo gift! AJHQ has revealed the member monthly gift for april..
1em;"> Spirit armor!  And at this time of year what better thing to do than hunt for eggs!
 You will get cool animal facts in each one you find. And if you find all eight you get a special prize! To celebrate the 10 Million kids joining to play animal jam.. Every single game in jamaa is worth double gems!!!!!
 ^.^  And now.. possibly the most exciting part of todays post...  A new land!

Koalas will no longer be available after 2 WEEKS so hurry up guys! Hmmm... Cosmo will be taking the koalas of Jamaa on an expedition(journey) To the new land on April 11th.. This gives me the idea this land may be koalas only.. and one last thing to say...
Its almost april fools There is a new april fools party! and graham (monkey shaman) Wants to know your best jokes! submit them through jammer central! and this myserious message in the last page of the Jamaa journal...
 Its almost time for an adventure...?? What does that mean?? maybe... just maybe... quests could be coming to Jamaa! I have been hoping for this for the longest time!! YAY! Maybe in the next update!!

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