Friday, 22 March 2013

winner and ships helm

Heya jammers I got on the computer (finally, I was dying) Ok anyway ani mal jam mer was the winner of the weekly mystery (since... she? was the only one who entered) her story was very good anyway The prizes were a freedom bunny hat and a porthole fish tank.  P.s ani mal jam mer wunna be buddies?? the new item is the ships helm sold in sunken trasures
ok now look what happened when me and a few other wolves jumped on the bridge at coral canyons. look loads of birds flew up!
cool, Huh? bye jamers!


  1. Ah yes, the ship helm. I think it is a returning item. Aww, I'm sorry you coundn't come on the computer for a week or so...That might be the death of me xD (Okay, not really xD)

  2. I like your blog background Wackywolf!


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